Yoga Therapy

Yoga for Concussion

Classes begin with 5 minutes of gentle breathing techniques to bring awareness into the body. The class moves slowly through a set of supported postures that introduce movements linked to breathing, special attention is paid to balance postures and spinal (head and neck) positioning. Class ends with 5 minutes of gentle breathing and relaxation.

Yoga for Injury

Asana focus is on proper alignment through a series of postures linked to breathing in order to bring about full body conditioning. Both static and active postures are used in order to lengthen and strengthen while encouraging natural lubrication of joints. While the entire body is worked on special attention will be paid to specific injuries present in the participants.

Yogic Breathing

This 30-minute class begins with simple breath awareness which builds onto breathing techniques. Mindful meditation theory and technique is employed. This class is beneficial to anyone that suffers from anxiety, depression, headaches, attention disorders and more.
Restorative Yoga for “ANYBODY”

This is a general class for any and all physical abilities that uses restorative and somatic yoga theory in order to bring about a deep calm to both the physical and mental body. Yogic breathing and supportive postures guide the participants into full body relaxation.

Yoga Flow

A fitness-based approach to Vinyasa style yoga. Participants will focus on linking conscious breath with a vigorous and mindful flow. In a flow style class, participants will build strength, flexibility, and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind.