Kurtis Proksch

Personal Trainer

Kurtis is certified as a strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, nutrition coach, and bodybuilding prep coach.

Kurtis began karate and kickboxing in 2009, and within three years he was instructing his peers and competing as a member of Team Canada. Over his 10 years of martial arts he achieved his blackbelt, won two World Championships in kickboxing, and got the unique opportunity to train with some of the best coaches in Canada. Once Kurtis had an abrupt stop to his fighting career in 2017 due to injuries, he began educating himself on how to become the best coach possible.

Kurtis has a wide array of experience in coaching. He is a former head strength and conditioning coach at a local university, which gave him the opportunity to work with hundreds of athletes from many different sports. Outside of training athletes, Kurtis has helped multiple individuals with substantial weight loss transformations, as well as individuals who just want to gain muscle or feel better.

Kurtis’ coaching style focuses on taking evidence-based training methods, and trying to fit them to the demands and preferences of each individual client.

In his free time, Kurtis enjoys reading, lifting weights, watching MLB and NFL, and going to coffee shops