Faarah DePriest

Registered Massage Therpist

After a successful career in the fitness field, Faarah came into massage therapy. Faarah graduated from the Royal Canadian college In Toronto in 2012 Faarah has had a fascination with anatomy since childhood. She has honed her skills as a massage therapist over the years, and enjoys working on clients regardless of age, from children to seniors, and regardless of physical activity level.

Faarah offers a variety of treatments, and truly enjoys treating patients with  isorders of pre/post hip replacements, pre/post knee replacements, scoliosis, lower back pain and sciatic nerve impingement.

She also enjoys working on clients who suffer from migraine/headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, ankle Sprains and assists with the maintenance and management of
chronic pain.

Always looking to improve herself, Faarah is a lifelong learner who is focused on professional development. When she is not at work, Faarah focuses on her own self care, being a foodie who loves cooking and is an avid swimmer.

Should you have any questions regarding your care, please feel free to email her at: fdepriest@thearmouryclinic.ca