Douglas (DJ) Drysdale

Athletic Therapist

My name is Douglas (DJ) Drysdale and I am a Athletic Therapist. I am a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University with Honours BA Kinesiology and Physical Education, and Sheridan College with Honours in BAHS Athletic Therapy. I am First Responder Certified and work in both the clinic setting and on field.

I have experience working with the Brampton Beast ECHL Team, the Brampton Excelsior Jr. A Lacrosse and Toronto AAA & Jr. A Canadiens Hockey Club and the Laurier Men’s Football and Rugby teams. I have treated a wide range of injures and have successfully helped athletes recovering from torn ACLs to individuals with knee and hip replacements that want to remain active.

Athletic therapists do not exclusively work with athletes, we help identify areas of concerns by providing detailed assessments and look at addressing individuals biomechanical faults. It is my goal to help clients safely return to whatever activity they want by educating them about their injury and teaching them ways to help prevent re-injury.

My career so far has allowed me to treat athletes at the highest level of sports, and be apart of a multi disciplinary team that has to work cohesively to the benefit of the client. Every sport and injury is different, it is important for every treatment plan to be unique so that the needs of that individual and sport can be addressed. It is important to understand that every health care professional will take a different approach to your rehab and it is about what works best for you as an individual.