Andrew Chapman

Physiotherapist & Athletic Therapist

Andrew is a Physiotherapist and Certified Athletic Therapist. He completed his Masters in Physical Therapy from Western University in 2022 after completing his Bachelors of Applied Science in Athletic Therapy from Sheridan in 2018.
Andrew’s vision is simple: To guide and support clients in achieving their full potential of mind, body and soul. Knowing that YOU as the client are the most important part, he will always listen to your needs, prioritize your goals and through collaboration, support and encouragement, he will educate you on how to return to whatever your normal is.

What kind of clientele does he treat?

Andrew has experience treating nearly every population imaginable. Whether you’re a professional athlete returning to sport, dealing with chronic pain from a work-related injury, suffering from a
sport-related concussion or in your golden years looking to be more active after surgery, Andrew will use his unique background to cover all your needs. He will also always be honest if he thinks you’d benefit more from seeing another clinician instead. In addition to his experience in the clinic, he’s uniquely provided on-field medical coverage for sports teams since 2015 and has provided weekend warrior adults and professional athletes with strength coaching since 2017.

What can I expect from treatment?

Andrew will always prioritize your goals and provide ongoing assessment in an attempt to find the source of your problem. Treatment will consist of a combination of hands-on treatment, corrective exercise and lots of education to make sure YOU understand what’s happening in your body in order to be more resilient in the future. Whether your goals are to return to pain-free stair climbing, returning to sport or living a more active lifestyle, Andrew is dedicated to providing an individualized program you understand and agree to.

He also prides himself on addressing the psychosocial components to life and injury. Through active-listening, learning more about you and creating a welcoming, supportive environment, together you can begin to address more than just the physical aspects to recovery.

Anything else I should know?

On a more personal level, Andrew was born and raised in Guelph, ON and recently made the move to Kitchener to be closer with family and friends. He enjoys all sorts of activities including (but not limited to) basketball, volleyball, golf, rock climbing, reading, weightlifting, playing guitar and the occasional karaoke. You get it, he’s a busy guy. If you’re curious about learning more of his experience, check-out the additional subheadings.


– Physiotherapy Student – UHN Altum Health (Cambridge, ON)
– Physiotherapy Student – Thames Valley Children’s Centre (London, ON)
– Physiotherapy Student – Leamington District Hospital (Leamington, ON)
– Performance Coach – Pursuit Health Centre (Guelph, ON)
– Athletic Therapist – David L. Macintosh Sport Medicine Clinic (Toronto, ON)
– Performance Specialist Intern – P3 Applied Sport Science (Atlanta, GA)
– Athletic Therapist – Cambridge Centre for Health and Wellness (Cambridge, ON)
– Athletic Therapy Intern – Toronto Raptors (Toronto, ON)
– Athletic Therapy Intern – Toronto Argonauts (Toronto, ON)

– Master of Physical Therapy – Western University
– Bachelor of Applied Health Science (Athletic Therapy) – Sheridan College
– Registered Physiotherapist
– Certified Athletic Therapist (CAT(C))
– Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
– Certified First Responder (Red Cross)