Adi Ponjevic

Performance Coordinator & Kinesiologist

Adi Ponjevic Performance Coordinator & Kinesiologist

Adi Ponjevic is a highly qualified professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Kinesiology for the University of Waterloo and is a Registered Kinesiologist, reflecting his commitment to understanding the intricate relationship between science and human movement. Adi’s journey in the sports realm has been multifaceted, demonstrating a passion for both playing and enhancing athletic performance.

As a former semi-professional soccer player in the United States United Premier Soccer League (UPSL), Adi’s on-field experience brings a unique perspective to his current endeavors. Currently, he continues to showcase his soccer prowess by playing at a semi-professional level in League One Ontario.

Beyond his achievements on the field, Adi has seamlessly transitioned into a leadership role as the Head of Strength and Conditioning. In this capacity, he leverages his educational background and practical experiences to test physical strength and endurance through VO2 Max testing and baseline strength testing to then design and implement comprehensive training programs. Adi’s expertise extends
across various sports groups, showcasing his versatility and ability to tailor fitness regimens to the specific needs of diverse athletes. As well as assisting with with the rehabilitation process working hand in hand with physiotherapy to assure a safe and quick recovery for patients.