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Registered Massage Therapist

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Strength and Conditioning

Dr. Randy Bahadur - Sports Medicine Physician

Randy Bahadur

Medical Director - The Armoury Clinic

BSc (Kin) MBBS CCFP(SEM) Dip Sports Med (CASEM)
Medical Director – The Armoury Sports Medicine and Performance Clinic
Team Physician – Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Wilfrid Laurier University
Assistant Clinical Professor, McMaster University
Adjunct Professor, Western University

Randy was born and raised in Kitchener. He had a keen interest in all sports growing up, and has specialized in non operative sports medicine to help athletes strive to reach their goals. He also treats those with arthritis and general bone, muscle and joint pain.

He completed his Fellowship in Sport and Exercise Medicine through McMaster University in 2012, and a CASEM member. He completed his family medicine residency also through McMaster University.

He is affiliated with McMaster University Department of Family medicine as a Clinical Assistant Professor (Adjunct). He teaches medical students clinical skills for their musculoskeletal medicine block. He also teaches family medicine residents sports medicine at The Armoury.

His work experience includes being the current team physician for Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. He has traveled internationally with members of Canada Senior Women’s Basketball team and was a lead medical at the PanAm Games in Toronto in 2015.

He enjoys playing sports, spending time with his family and supporting Arsenal FC.


  • Team doctor for Canada Women’s National Basketball team for two years, attending games in China, Brazil, Turkey and Czech Republic
  • 2015 Pan Am Games Toronto – Lead physician for martial arts
  • Pan Am Games qualifying tournaments – field hockey, judo championships and wrestling championships
  • Laurier University athlete clinics
  • Laurier University football on field coverage
  • Currently sees Olympic athletes (boxers, gymnasts), retired Canadian Football League players
  • Previous experience with Hamilton Tiger-cats on – pre-season physicals and on field game coverage
  • IAAF World Junior track and field championships in Moncton

Dr. Dimitri E. Haddad - Sports Medicine Physician


B.Sc, MD, FRCS(C), Dip Sport Med

Dr. Dimitri Haddad, is an orthopaedic surgeon and CASEM-certified sports medicine
physician. At the Armoury Dr. Haddad is pleased to provide sports medicine consultation
and non-operative management of musculoskeletal problems, particularly in shoulder,
knee, and hip issues.

Dr. Haddad went to medical school at Queen’s Medical School, completed his
orthopaedic surgery residency at the University of Ottawa, and also completed an
additional year of fellowship training in Ottawa to subspecialize in shoulder surgery and
surgical sports medicine. Dr. Haddad went on to have nine years experience of full
operative practice with a particular focus in shoulder and sports-related injuries. He also
gained experience in both evaluating and operating on sports-related
hip/femoracetabular issues. He is an Adjunct Professor at the DeGroote School of
Medicine and also has acted as a Master Associate Instructor in teaching arthroscopic
surgery for the Arthroscopy Association of North America. He has also acted as
orthopaedic consultant for local university and high school sports teams.

Dr. Haddad grew up in Kitchener where he represented the city in soccer, basketball,
hockey, and track and field at various times. He is a former WCSSAA all-star football
player who went on to play football at both McGill University and Queen’s University. He
continues to enjoy the recreational sport and coaching local high school football and multiple
minor sports.

Dr. Andrew Robb – Sports Chiropractor

Director of Therapeutics and Performance


Chiropractic Sports Specialist
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Medical Acupuncture Provider
Active Release Techniques Provider

Dr. Andrew Robb holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brock University where he also was a member of the Canadian National Championship Baseball Team (98’). He went on to graduate from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and eventually post graduate fellowship from the Royal College of Chiropractors of Sports Sciences.

Clinical care provided by Dr. Robb is the administration of advanced assessments, including movement-function based approaches, and advanced rehabilitative therapeutics.

Dr. Robb has published in various scientific journals in the areas of soft tissue therapy, baseball biomechanics, shoulder injuries, and functional movements. He is on clinical faculty at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. Dr. Robb has collaborated with various organizations including, Canadian Athletic Coaching Centre, American Sports Medicine Institute, and Major League Baseball.

Dr. Robb focuses in the area of baseball pitching biomechanics, throwing injuries, and sports performance and conditioning. He is a consultant for various baseball organizations and is also involved with Major League Baseball conducting research. Dr. Robb is published in various sport science journals on the topics of baseball injuries and hip function. He is an international lecturer on the topics of arm, hip, baseball related injury mechanics and movement sciences. He has lectured at Laurier University, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, and Brock University.

Dr. Aaron Samanta - Certified Sport Nutritionist / Naturopath

Dr. Aaron Samanta


Dr. Samanta ND specializes in integrative medicine and rejuvenating therapies.  His goals are to help patients and workplaces prevent disease and optimize health.

Aaron is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor in Ontario, with over 15 years clinical experience in multi-disciplinary health facilities, from acute-care to performance gyms. Aaron is also a Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) with the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Academic experience includes a Bachelor of Science in Biology from York University, CSEP fitness testing, and post-grad studies in Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Continuing education courses & research keeps Aaron abreast medical information and trends.  Recent courses include ‘Comprehensive Injection Training’ (PRP, prolotherapy, trigger point), Genomic and new lab tests.   

Clients schedule consult Aaron for health goals ranging from chronic conditions through to optimal sports performance.  An individualized plan is made utilizing the following therapies & diagnostics.


  • Clinical Nutrition/Nutraceuticals
  • Botanical medicine
  • (electro) Acupuncture
  • Fitness & physical medicine
  • Lifestyle medicine (environment, sleep, stress, energy, mood).

Diagnostics including:

  • VO2max, RMR, body composition
  • Laboratory (hormone/adrenal, genomic/SNP, immune, digestive/microbiome, neuro, metabolic/OAT, environmental/toxins)
  • nutrition analysis (macro-micronutrients and supplements)
  • wearable technologies (HRV, posture, stress, activity, sleep)

Dr. Samanta ND has also developed & delivered evidence-based workplace health programs.   Through health assessments, plans & tracking, companies and their employees achieve measured benefits.

In his free time, Aaron keeps fit through soccer, MMA, mountain biking, and cross-training.  Other healthy pursuits include cooking, coffee, ferments, veg gardening, kids, travel & the elusive mindfulness.


Conditions addressed by Aaron Samanta ND:

  • Injury from accident or sport, chronic/acute pain, arthritis.
  • Sleep, energy, stress & anxiety support.
  • Weight management, fat loss, muscle gain, bone density.
  • Digestive health, food intolerances, indigestion, cleansing, absorption, gut permeability.
  • Peak performance mental & physical.
  • Immune system support and cold/flu prevention.
  • Blood sugar & glycemic balance.
  • Cardiovascular conditions & support.
  • Disease prevention, optimal health & nutrition plans.

Bring Aaron your health questions, concerns, and goals, and share the passion for sustainable & optimal health.

Dr. Andrew Sauer - Chiropractor


Dr. Andrew Sauer’s interest in the chiropractic profession began as a University athlete when he experienced the benefits quality treatment has on sports-related injuries. Raised in the Waterloo Region, Dr. Sauer grew up playing football for the Cambridge Lions.

Dr. Sauer completed his Bachelor’s degree in Physical and Health Education from Queen’s University, where he played varsity football throughout his degree. Following graduation he pursued his education in Toronto at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. In addition to his studies he was heavily involved in the Rehab 2 Performance club, where he introduced his peers to movement-based assessment and treatment techniques.

Dr. Sauer has completed additional training in Functional Integrated Acupuncture, Athletic Movement Assessment (AMA), Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), RockTape, and Neurodynamic Techniques. He has been part of the medical team for the Toronto Young Nationals Minor Midget AAA hockey team, and has conducted movement and concussion baselines for a variety of teams, including the Toronto Titans, and the Burlington Eagles hockey clubs.

Dr. Sauer will work with you to implement a personalized program that will include a combination of movement assessment, manual therapies, and rehabilitative exercises. His aim is to understand the unique and individual needs of each patient, and will use the best tools available to help you reach your goals.

Sayaka Tiessen – Physiotherapist


Sayaka Tiessen is a registered physiotherapist and neurofunctional acupuncture provider. She completed her Bachelor of Kinesiology at McMaster University, where she gained experience as a varsity athlete, and a strength and conditioning volunteer. Through her own personal experience of working with athletic trainers and therapists, she decided to pursue her Masters in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto.

Since graduating, Sayaka has acquired skills in neurofunctional acupuncture, manual therapy, and taping. She also believes in the important role that patient-specific exercises play in the rehabilitation, management, and prevention of injuries for all athletes.

Sayaka is an avid triathlete who most recently competed at the ITU World Championships in the Netherlands. When not training, you can find her scaling the walls at local rock climbing gyms or fueling up with a coffee and pastry.

Ezzat Nazzali – Physiotherapist

MPhty, BA (Kin, Hons)

Ezzat joined The Armoury sports Medicine and Performance Clinic in June, 2020.  He completed his Bachelors of Kinesiology in 2015 at the University of Windsor. In 2019, he completed his Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney in Australia, world renowned for sport, physical therapy and rehabilitation. He has experience working in a hospital with stroke patients, private practice with athletes, and in a nursing home. He has also worked in a multidisciplinary osteoarthritis clinic as part of a national Australian study. He is most passionate about sports physiotherapy. He enjoys travelling and hiking. Ezzat is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys going to the gym and playing sports.

Susan Murphy – Registered Massage Therapist

I graduated in 1994 from the University of Guelph with an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Kinetics and in 1996 from the D’Arcy Lane Institute in London with a Diploma in Massage Therapy.

Much of my time has been spent working in multi-disciplinary clinics treating car accident, sport and work related injuries. I have worked with elite athletes at both the professional and amateur level, both preventatively and post injury. I specialize in treating acute and chronic injuries, headaches, repetitive strain injuries, pregnancy as well as the general stress and tension of everyday life.

My interests include playing and watching sports, music, theatre, reading, movies and travel.

Jude Lupuliak – Registered Massage Therapist

Jude Lupuliak received her diploma from Kikkawa College of Massage Therapy (Canada).

Jude is a high energy massage therapist with over 26 years of practical experience, in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and intricate understanding of the muscular and skeletal system.

Her specialty is deep tissue clinical and therapeutic massage for recovery of sport and accident related injuries. She has focused on motor vehicle accident injuries, occupational injuries and imbalances of the back, neck and shoulders as well as sports related injuries of the upper and lower limbs, and low back and hip injuries.

She is trained in Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Trigger point, Ayurvedic and Thai massage and is currently a student of the Eric Dalton Art of Mat course.

Jude has worked in the corporate on-site massage and multi-disiplinary clinic industry including a 3 year contract in Hong Kong with Sutherland Chan clinic for the bulk of her career.

After 26 years Jude still finds great satisfaction and enjoyment in helping people feel better and assisting them on the journey of good health.
When not working Jude likes to travel the globe, photo-journaling her cultural experiences. She is also an avid cyclist, and hiker spending a great deal of her downtime outdoors.

Faarah DePriest – Registered Massage Therpist

After a successful career in the fitness field, Faarah came into massage therapy. Faarah graduated from the Royal Canadian college In Toronto in 2012 Faarah has had a fascination with anatomy since childhood. She has honed her skills as a massage therapist over the years, and enjoys working on clients regardless of age, from children to seniors, and regardless of physical activity level.

Faarah offers a variety of treatments, and truly enjoys treating patients with  isorders of pre/post hip replacements, pre/post knee replacements, scoliosis, lower back pain and sciatic nerve impingement.

She also enjoys working on clients who suffer from migraine/headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, ankle Sprains and assists with the maintenance and management of
chronic pain.

Always looking to improve herself, Faarah is a lifelong learner who is focused on professional development. When she is not at work, Faarah focuses on her own self care, being a foodie who loves cooking and is an avid swimmer.

Should you have any questions regarding your care, please feel free to email her at:

Jennifer Gulas-Krulicki – Pedorthist C. Ped (C)

Jennifer Gulas-Krulicki

In October 2017, Jennifer became a valued member of the Armoury team.

Jennifer is a Kitchener native and has been practicing Pedorthics in the KW and surrounding areas since 2007.

Jennifer holds a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education from Wilfrid Laurier University, and in her 3rd year she initiated her steps into the Pedorthic profession through a mentorship with a local Pedorthist.  She went on to complete the Diploma in Pedorthics and graduated with Distinction through Western University. In 2007 she completed her National Certification and received her designation of C. Ped (C), Canadian Certified Pedorthist.

Jennifer’s clinical approach is to provide and assist with the body’s “foundation” for optimal joint, muscle and supporting soft tissue function. No matter the reason, a specific injury related dysfunctions and compensations, chronic presentations or neurological complications, Jennifer’s goal to improve comfort and mobility for each patient. Each pair of custom foot orthotics is specifically designed by Jennifer, and fabricated locally.

Jennifer serves on the Ethics Committee and Continuing Education Committee for the College of Pedorthics of Canada; she also continues to an active supervisor to Pedorthic candidates who are enrolled in the Pedorthic program through Western University.

In 2015, Jennifer was nominated and elected by her peers and currently serves on the Board of Directors for The College of Pedorthics of Canada.

In her spare time Jennifer enjoys hiking, painting and cherishes every moment with her 2 children.

Brendan Pinto - Strength and Conditioning Specialist

MSc, BSc, CSCS and PhD

Brendan Pinto has been a Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach for almost a decade.  He has worked with a number of individuals ranging from beginners to professional athletes with various needs on the spectrum of rehabilitation to performance. He also has experience with various movement disorders and fitness goals.

His research focuses on understanding human movement and how it relates to injury, pain and performance. He has had a unique opportunity to work with world renowned clinicians and researchers. Using scientific and clinical evidence, Brendan has developed an unconventional approach of using exercise to help you attain your goals, whatever they may be.

Malik Morrison - Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Malik completed his education at Conestoga College in the Recreation and leisure services program. He was then able to certify as a Canfitpro personal trainer. He also completed his
DTS level 1 ( mobility, stability, building a strong foundation)

Malik has worked with the general population ranging from training high level athletes. injury recovery, injury prevention to multiple 100+LBS weight loss journeys.
When it comes to performance he targets muscle imbalances, mobility, and what the best approach would be for that individual to see the best results possible. He believes that each individual responds differently to exercises and coaching styles. Malik takes pride in providing each client with a service that best suits their needs.
HeI enjoys breaking down a specific movement for an athlete then creating other ways to load the movement to improve on their weaknesses and ultimately make them faster, powerful, and have self awareness in their movements.

His mission is simple. He wants to help the next generation of athletes get as many opportunities through athletics as possible. Whether their goal is to get a scholarship, or eventually play at a professional level, or even just get in shape and find a new confidence within themselves. He aims to provide them with all of the tools necessary to get them there.

Jade Antaya - Kinesiologist

Jade is certified personal trainer with a passion for functional fitness and building others’ confidence in training. She received an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from Brock University and post-graduate certificate from Humber College in Exercise Science and Lifestyle Management. This educational background has provided her with an expansive knowledge of biomechanics, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and training, allowing her the ability to become an insightful and well-rounded trainer. Jade has experience working with various populations and is driven to help others live and perform at their best.

 Jade believes that the best form of exercise is the one that you enjoy, so just get moving! 

Jessica VandenBussche - Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist, Jessica VandenBussche (OT Reg. Ont), has a strong background in injury prevention and recovery, cognitive therapy, and ergonomics. 
She is especially passionate about teaching people skills to prevent injury and to thrive to reach new levels of performance. 
She is also a strong advocate and writer, with multiple published academic and non-academic articles.
If you have postural issues while working from home or looking for cognitive therapy for concussion rehab – Book in with Jess today here at the Armoury Clinic!