Sports Injury- We can help you to return back

The Armoury Sport Science

Everyone had an injury that you wished you could rehab faster to return to sport? The Armoury uses the science of NASA to push through those barriers. The Armoury has the ALTER-G Anti Gravity treadmill to accelerate recovery on lower limb tendon strains, fractures, post ACL reconstruction. The NASA based technology uses force plates to determine body weight and then creates a pressurized air chamber around the lower body to control the body mass. You can perform standing, walking and running exercises at 50% of your body weight. You can even do a Buzz Aldrin moonwalk at 20% of your body weight, or train for a marathon without the stress on the hips and knees at 80% body weight. Rehab faster and smarter using technology at The Armoury Sports Medicine and Performance Clinic.

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