Services at Armoury

The Armoury is a sports medicine clinic that is geared to assist the community and making important Lifestyle Changes regarding their health. The clinic has a multidisciplinary team including Sports Medicine Physicians, rehabilitation specialists, naturopathic medicine, occupational therapy and social work. Rehabilitation services include physical therapy, sports chiropractic and massage therapy. We work as a team to help people reach their fitness, goals including weight loss, weight training, stress reduction and counseling services for mental health.

The clinic is one of a kind in Ontario, even Canada. For high level athletes we offer body composition scanning with DEXA scan to assess lean muscle and fat tissue, and bone density.
We also use VO2 max testing, anaerobic threshold & metabolic rate to assess energy systems during exercise.

Those people who have difficulty exercising and have pain can see sports medicine doctors who are experienced in diagonaing pain, guiding therapy and perform injections to help with pain.

There are osteoarthritis strengthening classes, boot camp classes, yoga classes, personal training groups sessions, sport performance programs and weight loss programs using objective data.

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