Sports Performance Assessment

The Armoury is committed to assisting athletes achieve their dreams. This comes with training harder and smarter. We have state of the art tools such as DEXA composition scanning for percentage lean muscle mass and fat tissue. We can compare limb to limb, and objectively follow this over time. We also offer V02max/C02 testing to assess energy expenditure during exercise and accurate anaerobic threshold determination  which coincides with blood lactate. These values are important to determine if your training and performance goals are being met. 

The assessment will also include a detailed medical assessment, musculoskeletal joint assessment by Dr. Bahadur. Functional movement and strength assessment will be completed by the Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  Diet and Nutritional consultation will also be offered. All of this data will be compiled in a report for each individual athlete, and training program will be developed. HD video analysis will be performed for all assessments. The Armoury is the only clinic of it’s kind to offer these services together and the mindset to help athletes achieve their optimal performance.