Sports Chiropractor

Sports Chiropractors are specialized in providing advanced therapeutic and rehabilitative strategies for a wide range of musculoskeletal disorder to BOTH non-athletic and athletic injuries.  This specialization is a 2-year post doc fellowship program involved in studying sports sciences in collaboration with medical specialists, training in advanced diagnostic imaging (MRI), and on-field sports team management.  Upon completion you become a member of the Royal Canadian College of Sports Sciences Canada.

The implementation of movement based assessments or functional evaluations to facilitate comprehensive orthopaedic and clinical examinations are utilized.   Injuries that are related to biomechanical tissue overload (ligament, tendon, muscle, joints, and fascia) and the relationship to the overall function of the body is considered.


  • Shoulder Injuries (rotator cuff pathology)
  • Knee injuries (Patellofemoral)
  • Spinal Injuries (Neck, Low Back)
  • Foot and Ankle (Plantar Fasciopathy)
  • Elbow and Wrist Injuries
  • Sports trauma (tears, sprains)
  • Concussion Management
  • Dysfunctions due to repetitive overuse or poor movement

Various therapeutic techniques are used to address biomechanical disorders that include Active Release (ART), Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, Athletic Movement Assessments (AMA), Elastic Tape (Kinesiotape), Instrument assisted soft tissue techniques (IASTM), and Diversified Chiropractic. 

Advanced rehabilitative strategies are a hallmark of sports chiropractic.  The use of a wide range of methods to optimize and expedite recovery is employed for safe return to sport and play.  Rehabilitative strategies are designed for both injury management and sports performance with an in-depth understanding of exercise and neuro-physiology and strength and conditioning methodology.

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