Occupational Therapy

The term “Occupation” in occupational therapy (OT) refers to everything that you do in life – at home, at work, at school, sports and activities. Occupational therapists help to improve the lives and daily experience of children and adults by providing rehabilitation that focuses on fundamental occupations.

Occupational therapists use a holistic, functional approach to analyze an individual’s ability to participate in their daily activities. OT’s consider the dynamic relationship between an individual’s physical status, cognition, and environment to develop goals and promote independence.

OT role in concussion treatment

Each person’s experience with a head injury is unique, from symptoms to response to treatment and recovery time. It is imperative that interventions are person-centered and individualized. OT’s approach concussion from a comprehensive, unique perspective that considers a person’s goals within context of family, daily activities and community to promote positive functional outcomes.

An occupational therapist will evaluate and focus treatment to address deficits in cognitive, visual/perceptual, and functional skills by using remediation exercises & compensatory strategies to improve overall occupational performance. In a structured, controlled environment, your OT will facilitate tasks that will gradually increase cognitive demand to enable recovery and return to prior life roles.

What can OT do for you?

Enable return to daily activities (school, work, sports and leisure, social life, etc.) safely and in a way that facilitates recovery
Return to Learn, Return to Work, and Return to Play post concussion
Cognitive assessment and rehabilitation in areas addressing memory, attention/concentration, problem solving, and processing speed
Provide strategies and education to combat fatigue (physical and mental) and promote healthy sleep hygiene
Provide education on energy conservation, activity grading, and relaxation techniques
Visual perceptual assessment and training
Vestibular/Ocular Motor Screening (VOMS)