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“Endurance exercise enhances muscle insulin sensitivity in older individuals and prevents declines in mitochondrial respiratory capacity with aging. Resistance exercise induces remarkable gains in strength and power in older adults.”image
Age-related increase in fat exacerbated by lifestyle choices causes energy, mitochondrial and metabolism dysregulation. 
Studies verify that proper exercise training restores cellular health, muscle mass, quality of life.
“Advancing age is typically characterized by altered body composition (increased abdominal and ectopic fat accumulation and attenuated mass and metabolic quality of skeletal muscle) together with reduced physical activity, leading to insulin resistance in skeletal muscle. These age-related changes can be exacerbated by lifestyle behaviors that produce a major imbalance between energy expenditure and energy intake, leading to further dysregulation of glucose metabolism and increasing the likelihood of type 2 diabetes.”
Reference: Exercise Promotes Healthy Aging of Skeletal Muscle” 
  • June 2016,
  • Cell metabolism 23(6):1034-1047
Fitness is for disease prevention, living better, optimal performance.
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