Intermittent fasting (IF), effects differ in females VS males.

New study: Short IF in females causes fat synthesis in the liver using amino acids & proteins, opposite to males.

By:  Aaron Samanta ND

Implications include gender-specific therapeutics for metabolic conditions, hormonal health, body composition, detoxification, fitness, performance.

Does Liver gender differentiation exist?  Yes, it is set by pituitary hormones in newborns & aromatase-dependent conversion of testosterone into estradiol, which increases ERα (estrogen receptor alpha) in the liver and thus ‘masculinization’.


Amino acids were also shown to activate liver production of ERα, and thus with estrogen, regulate hormones & metabolism.

Yes this was a mouse study, and human studies are necessary, but mammals share a common evolution over 100million years that maximize reproductive capacity and nutrient dense storage in females.

“…in female liver, there was an upregulation of specific mRNAs encoding enzymes for the gluconeogenesis, PPP (pentose phosphate pathway) and TCA (tricarboxylic acid cycle) and a strong overexpression of mRNAs for the synthesis of FAs and TGs. …At the same time,… we observed higher expression of genes encoding enzymes for amino acid metabolism, transport, and detoxification (urea cycle), with lower amounts of protease and peptidase inhibitors. These findings suggested that, in response to mild fasting females, unlike males, synthesized lipids, possibly by depleting the proteins present in the liver.”…/S1550-4131(18)30328-0

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